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Drowning At The Sea

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von Frank van Düren

you lived a life full of sorrow
who can imagine your pain
there even was no tomorrow
no light, no promise, no gain

they came at night to your village
brought all that horror ahead
they did not just come to pillage
now mother's raped, father's dead

it was your childhood that ended
it died at this horrible night
your innocence was offended
it was the start of your flight

one thousand miles on your feet
one took your money away
it was a bloody retreat
there was no reason to stay

you dreamt of reaching your goal
the shores up in italy
you dreamt of saving your soul
from that moment on you'd be free

you became a victim of greed
the boat was crowded as hell
it was damnation indeed
you lost your faith when you fell

there just was a need for life
having children and a wife
without cruelty and hate
but you had that cruel fate

now you're drowning at the sea
losing all your dignity
dying in a world of ignorance
dying for a dream
that never was meant to come true

now you're lying at the ground
one of thousands that are drowned
at the mediterranean sea
noone even knows your name
it's a shame

Entstanden: 23.05.2018

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